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What stands behind the competence of our Management Board is many years’ experience on a variety of positions in Electric Locomotives Repair Plant in Gliwice, working as a rolling stock commissioning officer in CTL, as well as several years of acting as a manager in the biggest maintenance plant PCC Tabor. This rich professional experience has allowed to obtain in-depth knowledge of all aspects relating to comprehensive maintenance of locomotives and carriages. Furthermore, it has provided a perfect opportunity to get some insight into the needs of companies which use rolling stock in their operations.


Our employees also hold a number of railway-related licenses in the field of repair and maintenance of traffic safety systems, approving rail vehicles into service, or appropriate course of the repair process in house or in another plant.

President of the Management Board has a degree in mechanical engineering and business and is in charge of our business administration. He is one of co-founders.

Vice-President of the Management Board, holder of a degree in rolling stock engineering, is responsible for direct contacts with our customers, strategic planning, and securing the production process. He is also one of our co-founders.


Administration and HR Specialist is in charge of our front office, contacts with our subcontractors, and organisation of transport of components to and from our subcontractors.


Repair Hall Manager is directly responsible for the process of P4-P5 periodic repairs and serious emergency repairs. He is a person involved in the rolling stock maintenance and repairs for several years now.


Technical Support Specialist is responsible for ongoing maintenance of rolling stock in the P1-P3 standards. He is also in charge of our dynamic mobile service. His expertise in this respect as well as his full availability enable quick responses and allow to restore full functionality of rolling stock.


Our other employees are directly engaged in works associated with repairs and ongoing maintenance of rolling stock. They are the true driving force of our company. Without their constantly developed expertise, we would not be able to achieve our goals so efficiently.


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